Premier League: Fan disruption of pitchside interviews raises concerns

Field interviews have become the norm during the pandemic

Premier League clubs fear fans will disrupt pitchside interviews this season as they continue to take place away from home.

Traditional talks in the tunnels have been removed during the pandemic because social distancing is not possible.

This led to interviews with players and managers on the pitch.

But with fans returning this season, pre-game and post-game interviews could see fans congregating close to where they take place.

The issue was raised among media officials at Premier League clubs at a meeting this week.

Without a socially distanced alternative, however, clubs will have to deal with the situation until October, when plans will be reviewed.

The biggest concern is that coaches and away players may experience abuse from home fans, especially if there are controversial incidents during matches.

Fans have been allowed to return to the stadiums for the last two matches of the Premier League’s final season, but only in limited numbers.

More attendance is expected at the start of the season next Friday, although some clubs want fans to have proof of negative Covid-19 tests or full vaccination status.

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